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Latest comment: fyrir 9 árum by Spacebirdy

Hello, thanks for working here. Please do not start botting in main entry pages on a massive scale because this will cause unsighting them, as we have sighted revisions here. You can apply for botstatus at here. Best, --geimfyglið (:> )=| 23. júní 2011 kl. 17:02 (UTC)Reply

Hello, please would you be so kind and add bot owner information on the userpage and apply for botstatus, thanks, --geimfyglið (:> )=| 20. júlí 2011 kl. 12:11 (UTC)Reply

Hello, please apply for botstatus here thanks, --geimfyglið :^╡ 14. ágúst 2014 kl. 12:25 (UTC)Reply