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Please communicate with me on nl:Overleg_Gebruiker:GerardM Thanks :)


Hello GerardM, welcome to the icelandic Wiktionary!

Thanks for your help and message. What do you mean with "I created Spænska for you", I am about to delete this entry because it has already been transfered here: spænska. Best regards, kær kveðja --birdy (:> )=| 17. ágúst 2005 kl. 16:03 (UTC)Reply[svara]


I am running the bot over the is.wiktionary.. it is updating ALL wiktionaries as it finds that links are missing.. As you are running your bot as well, you do not notice much of it :) I have started at ! and at a. Thanks, GerardM 4. maí 2008 kl. 21:41 (UTC)

Thanks a lot, I stopped it now, it will save me a lot of trouble, I am glad RobotGMwikt is back, I hope all Wiktioanries will profit from it again, thank You so much, best regards, --geimfyglið (:> )=| 4. maí 2008 kl. 21:43 (UTC)Reply[svara]

re:the bot[breyta]

Hoi, I ran into trouble with people from the English Wiktionary. They are of the opinion that it is valid to create interwiki links to redirect pages. When pressed they cannot argue that the resulting link is relevant or valid. As the reason for stopping running the bot is exactly this kind of tomfoolery I am sorry to indicate that I will stop running the bot.

They agree that the policy is probably wrong but they deny me the Wiki notion of being bold.. It is insisted upon that a consensus is reached first. I do not have the stomach for this.

To add insult to injury, they are in the process of wholesale deletion of redirects. This is against the strong opinion of Brion Vibber to the contrary. GerardM 5. maí 2008 kl. 10:29 (UTC)Reply[svara]

Dear Gerard, yesterday I tried to explain to You that I don't see any reason why hundreds of Wiktionaries should suffer if en.wiktionary makes troubles. While I understand that You don't have the stomach to discuss this matter with them, I hope You understand me also, that I do not have the stomach either to discuss it with them, I am quite shocked by this selfish behaviour, having an interwikibot and running it on one project only. I herby kindly ask You to just set Your bot to run everywhere else but on en.wikt, I know it is frustrating but imho the only fair solution to all Wiktionaries. I tried to help smaller projects with my bot and was quite welcomed, I did not have the time or energy to register it everywhere like You did, also as said I can't run it from a server but only from my personal computer and have to stop it when I shut it down, also and the bot is slowing my quite old machine down.
If You don't agree to my plea and decide to really shut Your bot off for all Wiktionaries, I will resume the work of my bot again, but not without being very dissappointed that en.wiktionary can decide and dictate the interwikilinking for all other Wiktionaries.
Best regards, --geimfyglið (:> )=| 5. maí 2008 kl. 10:47 (UTC)Reply[svara]