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Ensk fallbeyging orðsins „word“
Eintala (singular) Fleirtala (plural)
Nefnifall (nominative) word words
Eignarfall (genitive)



[1] orð
[1] „Who on Earth, I asked myself, would have a word for the moment when our sun sank below the polar horizon, not to rise again for several months? Such a solemn moment must have a name in a terrestrial tongue. To my surprise, neither the Swedes nor the Norwegians possessed such a word in their vocabularies. / I phoned an astronomer in Iceland. Even the Icelanders have no such word, which seems odd.“ (The Twinkling of an Eye, Brian W. AldissWikiorðabók:Bókmenntaskrá#The Twinkling of an Eye, Brian W. Aldiss: [ 1998, bls. 416 ])