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Sorry to write in English, I do not know a word in Icelandic. According to my sources, the etymology of "nikkel" is:

(Icelandic) nikkel < (Swedish) nickel < (German) Nickel < (Icelandic) hnikill

I could not go any further with etymology, except that I found that "hnikill" is some kind of fantasy creature living in mines; now I think you can investigate further.

You can find me here: it:User:Achillu. Greets, -- 10:35, 3 mars 2007 (UTC)

Hello, all that I know is that possible synonyms of "nikkel" are nikill (kk.) (tölvuorðabókin) or nikull (hk.).(http://herdubreid.rhi.hi.is:1026/wordbank/terminfo?idTerm=323669&FirstResult=0).
Plus maybe it was an oldicelandic term because hnikill seems to mean sphere/ball [1] or even more specific "ball of thread" [2] [3]. But the term is not found here.
But I am no Icelander, maybe You better ask in the is.Wikipedia potturinn since there are more Icelanders to be found.
Best regards --geimfyglið (:> )=| 09:49, 15 mars 2007 (UTC)